When small-town Punjabi farmer, Balwant Singh, is pursuaded to circumvent the INS’s Green Card policy, he enlists the help of his American pen-pal, Elizabeth Shankman…by offering her ten thousand dollars to marry him. Through their ups-and-downs, these two must decide if their relationships with their Nations are more important than their relationships with each other. 

CAST: 1M, 1W (6M, 5W featured)


A woman named Cora and a man named Bell are waiting in the South Ferry Station for the Staten Island Ferry. Both lack some necessary organs, and have been altered, mechanically, in order to survive. Surviving, however, is the extent of their lives. Through a series of stories and confessions, they find common ground in their fears, sadness and desire to find the missing piece in their lives.

CAST: 2M (1 non-speaking), 2W (1 non-speaking)

POGO is a play in three short acts that examines the artistic credibility of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Gacy made a name for himself as one of the most successful and dangerous serial killers of all time, but it was his famous prison painting, ‘Pogo Says Goodbye’ that made us question our morals and standards. Was Gacy an artist? or does his work just speak to our misplaced and unchecked idolatry?

CAST: 5M, 1W

Todd and Jenny, a married couple, live comfortably in their simple, suburban life until Dusty and Kristen, their new friends, convince them to experience an ‘open relationship’. A one-time experiment snowballs into months of lying, both to each other and themselves. Sex games, strange desires and humiliating confessions take precedence over ‘normality,’ and both couples use new problems to cover up old, familiar ones.

CAST: 2M, 2W